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On The Siesta After The Class

I was teaching “have/have got” and feeling a mix of boredom and excitation about the following idea:

What if I misplaced the answers in this exercise?

So I did. I misplaced some of the answers (and made up some) — as my student answered the right ones —, thinking of what would happen in those situations:

  1. Susan likes to keep fit, so she has a baby everyday. (Would Susan be the woman history has expected me to be ever since Eve?)

  2. We had a rest last week, it was great! We invited lots of people. (Perhaps I should do that. I hate when I meet people and they want to keep walking while talking.)

  3. Excuse me. Can I have a chat at your newspaper, please? (Not only with newspapers. I’d have a chat with several books and magazines. I have chats with words themselves.)

  4. I saw Ann in the supermarket yesterday. We stopped and had a look — around. (Contemplating the delusive creation that will one day fall.)

  5. I don’t usually smoke, but I was feeling nervous so I had a good flight. (That one actually made a lot of sense.)

The remaining options were:

Have a cigarette (1)
Have a swim (2)
Have a shower (3)
Have a party (4)
Have a nice time (5)

I matched them with winding actions.

So, when the class ended,

A) I enjoyed — 5
B) Myself — 4
C) In the bath tube — 2/3
D) I took a long breath, relieved — 1

I didn’t even think about my former lover — maybe just a little
And I fell asleep, gracefully, not bored at all.

Written on 13th October 2021