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On The Affirmative Morning

I’m a pessimistic woman. That’s something quite noticeable about me, but
When I spend the whole night awake — like right now — and get to see the midspring morning spring,
I make catchpenny word puns and smile to no regrets

Life is not very beautiful — unlike an old friend of mine used to say,
But the life I say above and the life I see now are different perceptions:
The first is the material journey of ephemeral being, the second, this moment.
And the life I see right now is almost as beautiful as the illusion in my friend’s third fall glance

So, I’m finishing this with no conclusion, because I must see the sun rise to the a symphony of ascending cicadas
Whose purpose I envy and fear; sometimes I wish I could scream until going from matters to ethers, yet
I’m always afraid of losing metaphors