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On The Poetic Symbiosis

In older days, I’d split poems in two books: the elliptical ethereal
And the draft/log nonsense, which contained the ideas
That I made the poor choice of not using when they came up,
And weather caused the 1 to flip to 0 in that area of movement
In my box of concepts

The nonsense was always the potential and I could never blame it
To not have made it to the bloom
It wouldn’t be fair to quod it and pretend it never existed

So, I decided to create a concept book for them. That will eventually be released,
As my forever Tabula Rasa state of being, which I can relate to
More than I like to admit

And if someone ever decides that it can’t be called poetry, I’ll answer with the following wise statement I once read:
“Call yourself a tortured genius and people will swallow”
They will swallow anything nowadays, actually

But let us talk about the poetic style symbiosis, shall we?

I like the draft imagery, but I could never leave the ellipticals movements of my ethereality
My words are up to my Sahasrara and I don’t want them to lose
Their ability to Adho Mukha Vrksasana

Yet, I also like the free spirit of the impromptu. Which I brought to these poems. They aren’t draft, but they are lousier than my usual.

So, I kept two folders in my desk:
• Indigo
• Daisies

Indigo are the elated poems, with jazz-progression words and reasoning that I
Can only achieve when melancholy hits at 4 in the afternoon orange irisation

Daisies are these poems. This one will go there as I finish it.

But now, I have another folder called Violet, As J.P Vianini pointed out that I achieved the symbiosis I said I would In a recent poem, which I will leave for you to find out.

And may many other Violets thrive in a wildflower complementary-coloured realm

Written on 15th October 2021