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On The Artistic Reaction

Once I was told there’s no art for the art’s sake

I wasn’t impacted by the statement itself rather than by where it came from
The man was a poet, not a very bad one, not a very good one, just a poet on internet
And he said that as if he was being forced to write

I thought for a long time about what he said and I couldn’t grasp the information
Because I couldn’t find the reason why
For my art

I couldn’t find a sake other than art Itself

Art is its own master
The maxim that generated that man’s reaction
The theme of the discussion

And the reason

Why translations are imprecision
Why elations are linked to seasons
Whimsy — if I may — art comes for no revision

Action, condition
Latin suffixes, derivational morphemes
Articulation, inspiration, conceptions, constructions
Contractions to the birth of the poem
A break.

No training, no payments, not taking orders,

Nothing other than
Howls and illuminations