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On Priorities

This poem’s reasoning is all over the place
Take it or leave it

My creativity is abundant
But I have to always act quickly when it comes to putting it into practice
I didn’t need anyone’s opinion. I wouldn’t accept it
But I did need someone to type my typewriter poems on the computer
The poems I refused to use digital means to create
And to scan my drawings which I used coloured pens for
Inspired by Joni Mitchell

I also thought of handwriting every thing
But my handwriting is not as beautiful and consistent as Joni’s
(Typography would be jealous of her if it saw her penmanship)
Obviously, my drawings are also not even close to good
But nowadays it’s every thing a concept, isn’t it?
(Has it ever been different after all? Maybe the view on the concept)
So they would do

It was every thing analog
Hundreds of pages of all colours, materials and sizes
On an old suitcase

Lacking time to organise it myself, I hired someone to help me put my visual concept
For my potential book together — I didn’t have a name yet

(I ended up obsessed with Pomegranates later and used a metaphor with that as a name)

That girl will never read this book, but let’s just call her ‘heart-shaped paper clips’ — she liked some paper clips a little student had given me —
(I would be willing to talk to her about the matter, anyway, if she would)
Heart-Shaped Paper Clips worked with me for a couple months and one day she told me she needed to go home earlier
Because she was going to start going to the gym twice a day
Just out of curiosity, I asked her why — I don’t know a thing about the whole gym trend
She said “I just want to be beautiful”
And I, nosy as I am, told her my perspective on beauty
“I don’t think beauty was something physical, It demands a certain enlightenment for beauty to show through——“
And, before I could conclude, she interrupted me
“Oh no, smart people end up lonely, I wouldn’t want to be smart” (she had left school)

From that day on, I wouldn’t talk about constellations to her anymore
She finished typing the poems and scanning the drawings
And after weeks of me trying to get things right on that project
And not really getting,
I sent it to a graphic artist, explained my original idea
So he could work on it from my scratch

I’ve never seen that girl again, but I learned recently
That she got married and was expecting a baby And I ended another relationship made of carbon monoxide and wild fire
With someone highly smart

Maybe she was right, it doesn’t only apply to smart people
But every one that rises their minds above the skyline
End up lonely in some level

I wouldn’t choose a twisted vision of love, though,
Over the gift of metaphors — which for me, Is enlightenment —
In any version of existence

I didn’t publish that book yet
But the Pomegranates every year, around the same time, are there