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The Impermanence Indelible

Forgetting about the things I wrote has become the rule at this point

Even though it’s written and should be permanent, it’s not It goes past
And life goes on
I try to go on

I’ve been thinking about impermanence
And how all things come to an end
I dream away the inspirational days
And the wild daisies that flew away
Just to make it special
And, somehow, begging me to try and immortalise it
On the paper

But it’s only immortal if you remind it constantly and forever
For the simple reason that if it’s not under a spot of light, it doesn’t exist
And I am, you are the eyes that sight that light

And by writing the stanza above, the spotlight was taken from the flying daisies
They passed by me, in the meanwhile, and I didn’t see

The impermanence will rule It will all go dark

But it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try again