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On The Finite Universe of States of Mind

I’ve been translating murkiness into words after
A set back
In my most important project right now: go on

States of mind.
They subserve the circumstances,
And I wish I was more than just that
More than a state of mind

My dusky state of mind has sprinkle fall all over spring
Enlightened by the higher effects past the fourth wall, J.P told me about the Finite State Machines
And his belief that the whole Universe could be explained in such way
But he said he wasn’t sure about the finite part

De facto, de jure, how could it be finite?

I sing the Universe’s unfinished essence, Despite having all it needs to well function — or does it? —
No painting would endure that many layers for so long

“You just need to rearrange the multiples of three”, said the MIT professor
On the video J.P sent me about the matter

That got me thinking
It’s just misplace every thing
Just misplace
And misplace
And put together again

Do the separation
Do the joint
Turn to dust
Turn to gold

Let it lead
Lead it

The Universe isn’t that infinite
Some infinities are bigger than others
But they’re always finite

It all ends

Even after duality, it begins with the end
And after the end, I need do nothing but go on

I sing but the song