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The Ceaseless Story

I don’t want to know the starring role’s perspective
I want to know who and what lead them to that perspective
I’m done of my own perspective in life

I want to know the clerk’s perspective
And what would happen if that clerk hadn’t been nice

I want to know the therapist’s perspective
And what would be of the protagonist if they had taken a different approach

I want to know of the anonymous lover
The running kids on the street
The parents, the teachers, the priest

I want the details, the full details
That kept that main person in a position of relevance
Not becoming any other leaf carried by wind
Settling ambience

Lastly, I want to really know the subject
By knowing all the objects that gave them
That power of speaking

Perhaps that’s why I won’t possibly write a novel
Or tell a story with beginning, middle and ending

It’s impossible telling a story without naming the untold
And sometimes the untold isn’t even aware of us
How would we be aware of it?