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There are two trains: one goes on The other goes Down To keep up with a life

I try to only look straight ahead into the line Not rising above, not wavering to the sides Trying to maintain the stability by sustaining The architecture Of the rail Or the other way around — a life to be

The outside lures me It entices my humanity to undo the road To park the ride To make a life next to a fruitful river Plant a garden Plant an apple tree, not to eat from it Just to observe How the ants will behave Plant a garden, watch it go good Goes evil The line is broken

I care for a garden Until it goes brown, until the last flower has withered Until the last fruit has rotten Until the ants had eaten the last apple from a plagued tree And the river is dry, there’s no more sky To reflect

What made me choose to stop What made me choose to go What made life alluring to my ride What made every thing die in the end?

So then, I eye ahead The road is back The train arrives at 8 In the dark and the dark becomes day

Never above, just ahead Never around, just ahead

And life is made