I’m a Brazilian-born English Language Writer and Artist. Among the forms of Literature, Poetry is my call. Although I intend to eventually release an Essay Anthology and a Novel, I’m spellbound by Poetic Imagery at present, exploring all known and unknown shapes I can fit words in. Besides the words, I make intuitive Art Sketches, Watercolours and some digital je ne sais quoi as well. I take Photographs, I layer them over and over again as if they were song layers. Using I use all different kinds of programs for so, I apply effects insightfullly. And, to wrap up the creative process, there’s the Music. I make electronic ethereal ambient music using string instruments, controllers and sounds that I capture from all sorts of noise around. And I use them especially to accompany the spoken poetry. Pretty much everything inspires me. And all returns to Poetry. It’s a cycle. My cycle. And it’s my share from the Micro to the Macro.