2022-02-20 Declat

2022-02-13 Railroad

2022-01-15 Halts

2022-01-11 Around

2021-12-21 The Ceaseless Story

2021-12-19 Metacriticism

2021-12-14 Twilight Zone - I

2021-12-07 The Dismay

2021-12-02 I’ve just read this quote from Adrienne Rich on Twitter: “Poetry is, among other things, …

2021-12-01 The nowness comes from general — stable or not — environment Cyclic past is both dependent and …

2021-11-30 On The Finite Universe of States of Mind

2021-11-29 Perhaps if there was eight notes, there wouldn’t be accidents There wouldn’t be us

2021-11-29 The Impermanence Indelible

2021-11-28 That’s kind of all I did since yesterday.

2021-11-26 On Priorities

2021-11-26 Such a poetic flower. She takes a week to form, blooms for only a few hours exhaling the most …

2021-11-26 The queens of the night are blooming! Wish I could post a picture but it’s so dark.

2021-11-17 This is the concept cover for my book and you’re the first to know!

2021-11-17 Treasure-Mount Trash

2021-11-16 I’d really appreciate some feedback on this poem: …

2021-11-16 On The Artistic Reaction

2021-11-15 On Life’s Imitating Poetry

2021-11-13 On The Common Place

2021-11-09 Windmill Tulip Garden Path

2021-11-07 On Do-Overs and Being Over

2021-11-06 White Flowers

2021-11-05 Two Last Lines

2021-11-03 Apophenia

2021-11-02 Memory

2021-11-01 On Humming

2021-10-31 On The Rising Old

2021-10-31 On The Poetic Symbiosis

2021-10-30 On The Affirmative Morning

2021-10-29 On The Siesta After The Class